New babies are born every day, older ones are growing up so fast. Most families are stuck at home with no possibly to hire a photographer to capture these beautiful tiny people.  

I have decided to put together a ' little tips & tricks'  list to help you create these amazing moments. 

My advice, have fun with your family and try capturing candid, natural moments. Your kids don't need to sit in front of the camera and smile, but rather, have them play and encourage them to be themselves. 

I Hope you will find the below points helpful and informative.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me here or just email to 

Send your best photos to me and since I know a thing or two around photoshop and light room I will do my best to polish them up.

I can't wait to see the results...xx


First and most importantly, find a good light source. The best light is a natural daylight. If your home is a bit darker, windows and balconies are your best friends.  Try different times of the day to find the most flattering light. Try to position your baby parallel or in from of the window as seen in the examples below. A white sheer curtain can be very useful to get a soft even  light as well. 


Don't be afraid to experiment with angles.

Very important to go down to your kids eye level. Get down and follow them around on your knees. It's uncomfortable, but will give you great results, I promise :) 


The bedroom is  a great place to take photos of your baby. Put away all the "extra" domestic stuff in the room that may clutter the background.  Nice neutral (muted) colour sheets work great as a simple backdrop.  The same applies if you are taking photos in the living room, kitchen and so on.  If the photo is still very busy, try to bring the baby into the foreground, this way  your background will be  less distracting.

 This way all the focus is on your baby.


When it comes to outfits, I always recommend light neutral colours. Big patterns, stripes and logos are really distracting. A newborn  baby looks best  in just a diaper or a cute onesie.  Less is definitely more. Keep the place warm enough so that you could get their little feet and toes exposed. 


Newborns and babies have the cutest little fingers and  toes. They're usually very wiggly so my tip is, try it  when they are  asleep.  They grow up so quick,  you will want to  remember all the beautiful details!


Kids usually  do the opposite of what you want them to do, let them... During a photoshoot, I  following them around, exploring the world from their perspective.

Give them something new to play with, a book to read, or a new activity to keep them occupied.  

Document little details of their hands drawing or making and holding  something. 

If you're posing with your kids, just cosy up, lots of hugs and kisses and don't forget tickles.

Just  have fun and get silly with your kids. 

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